My house smells too delightful

I’m afraid my obsession with scented candles has finally spiraled out of control. The tipping point may very well have been this phone call I received yesterday.

Me: Hello.

Mark: Hi! This is Mark from Yankee Candle. May I speak with Jess, please?

Me: This is Jess

Mark: Oh. Hi, Jess! I just wanted to call and let you know that Yankee Candle will be debuting its new autumn fragrances in a few weeks. We’re throwing an in-store party to celebrate, and since you’re a frequent customer here at Yankee Candle, I wanted to invite you to join us.

Me: Uh…okay. Thanks.

Mark: Great! Hope to see you there!

I think it’s safe to assume that Mark’s conversational pause was due to his surprise that, of all the “frequent customers” he’d been asked to call, I was the first one who turned out to be a dude. And with such a misleading name, too!

Nevertheless, the call speaks to a deeper problem — my aforementioned obsession with scented candles. In response to the escalating nature of the situation, I’m officially declaring a personal six-month moratorium on all candle purchases. For the next six months, I won’t buy any new candles and will only burn existing candles from my (admittedly substantial) stockpile. That’s unless somebody gives me a Yankee Candle gift card for Christmas — you know, because then it would be rude not to spend it.

Hmm…so, what does one wear to a candle-sniffing party?

The Adventures of Superman & Bat-Botanist

Bat-Botanist first appeared in The Adventures of Bat-Botanist and has since been featured in The Adventures of Bat-Botanist and Robin and Bat-Botanist vs. Cat-Botanist. Superman first appeared in Friedrich Nietzsche’s Also sprach Zarathustra and has since shown up in a bunch of comic books.

Original images via Daily Scans. The Apropos Comics archive is here.